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Salvage Healing Circles 

Lasting Solutions for Resolving Business and Personal Conflicts

These facilitated circles are for groups and individuals who genuinely want to stop experiencing the toxicity of misunderstanding, pain, mistrust, gossip, and “silo discussions” created by the unhealthy habits we all bring into the workplace of groups.

The power of sitting in circles, ceremonies, and sacred sessions has long been known to provide lasting and systemic results. This ancient and practical practice can be applied to bring clarity and awareness to contemporary issues and conflicts and help groups collectively find solutions to losses, needs, and misunderstandings. 

Salvage Healing Circles provide individuals the opportunity to share their perspective in a way that feels complete and to listen with new hearing, absent of the need to defend, blame, or play the victim.

Realizing that a byproduct of awareness is discomfort, the Circles are facilitated to provide a safe space for participants to be in and move through challenging discussions without the residue of resentment, judgment, and retaliation.

There is a way of honoring each participant’s views and experience, with the goal of seeing the whole picture where true healing and resolutions occur and knowing that each perspective is correct as well as limited.

After the circle(s), personal and group agreements, pathways, and accountability measures are documented for implementation so the healing results in progress that can be systemic and lasting.

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