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The Art of Listening

The beginning of most misunderstanding, polarization, and conflict occurs when people stop listening. The Art of Listening, hearing, and connecting to the speaker is a foundational skill for professional success and personal connection.  

André Salvage and Associates has developed this workshop to share the skills and tools of becoming a truly authentic and present listener. This workshop goes beyond the concept of “Active Listening,” where one uses tricks and hacks to pretend to listen; instead, we will share how to be completely present, engaged, and connected to the speaker.

This skill allows you to hear the messages behind people’s words, let go of the need to take your turn, and, most of all, be a safe place for others to authentically share.

All of which opens the door for you to share with the intention to connect.

    • The Challenges of Listening
    • Authentic Listening vs. Hacks and Tricks
    • The Art of Listening: Skills, Principles, and Tools
    • Skills to be a safe and present listener
    • Listening to challenging conversations
    • Listening with the intention of connecting
    • The first thing to do after listening

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will have a better awareness of the obstacles that hinder their listening as well as practical, applicable tools to be present and truly listen and hear what people are saying. Participants will be better able to hear all types of communication styles, with an improved ability to connect to a variety of people and ideas.

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