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There is no better way to handle confrontation than to be unafraid of confrontation that may arise. Learning how to stop someone from harming you builds courage, confidence, and the peace of mind to make the right decision about a particular situation.

Knowing that you cannot do “Lesson 3” in a real street confrontation, André Salvage and Associates developed a way of defending yourself that is street-tested, effective, easy to learn, and can be changed to suit any situation.

This confidence helps teens in every aspect of their lives and allows them to move through fears, face confrontation, and ultimately transform threatening situations into safe ones.


Here are some of the fighting principles young people will learn:

     Stopping someone their age or older from harming them

     Stopping adults from abducting or harming them

     Knowing when and when not to use self-defense

     Free Hand, Free Limb, Vital Area

     Standing defense

     Ground defense

     Multiple attackers

     Weapons awareness and defense

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