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College and Beyond ~ Personal Safety and Life Lessons


There are many traps, struggles, and dangers teens face leaving high school. The decisions and choices made in the next few years can and will affect their whole life. To ensure the college experience is fun, exciting, educating and safe, André Salvage and Associates has put together this lecture which weaves real life experiences, anecdotes, and life principles to help teens face the challenges of the coming years.

From creating a personal safety plan to life principles that lead to success, André Salvage and Associates will lead high school seniors through discussions, role-play and interactive games to share the principles essential for young people to prepare properly for this new transitional life event.


Each of these topics and more will be discussed:

  •       Leaving Home
  •       Extending Childhood
  •       Dorm Room Safety
  •       Campus Safety
  •       Street Safety
  •       Going Out…. Frat Parties
  •       Characteristics of a Predator
  •       Respect
  •       Privilege and Disabilities
  •       Clear decisions about alcohol and drugs
  •       Social constructs that work against you
  •       Signposts and Billboards

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