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International Travel Awareness & Safety


The risk to young people traveling outside and within the United States is real. But unlike what you see on television and in movies, not many people are available to help if the unthinkable occurs. The one saving grace is that there are practical, real, and simple steps one can take to avoid, prevent, and stop oneself from being a victim of any type of trafficking.

André Salvage and Associates has designed a class especially for teens and young adults of all genders who are traveling overseas for vacation or school. This class will share what parents can do and what those who are traveling can do to prevent this crime from happening to them.


External Awareness

  • How predators and kidnappers pick their victims.
  • How to move, dress, and talk to show that you’re not a victim, a challenge, or someone who fits the profile.
  • Latest information on human trafficking, on human working, and sex trafficking
  • Safety measures while traveling that don’t interrupt your pleasure of being on vacation.


    • How to talk with someone to see if they are grooming or setting you up.
    • How to set boundaries.
    • Educating people on how to treat you.


      • Stopping someone from drugging you.
      • Stopping someone from harming you and taking you away.
      • Multiple attacker defense
      • Weapon defense
      For Parents/Guardians
      • Parents are asked to be present for the first 30 minutes of this class.
      • They will meet separately with one of the instructors, who will share advice and strategies.

      The next workshop is scheduled for Saturday, June 29th, with a maximum enrollment of 10 students. See  Events to register. 

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