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The Traps of Manhood


There are ways to face the pressures of your life with courage, confidence, and wisdom. Young men are told many myths by their society, culture, and family on how to “Be A Man.” These ways range from the ridiculous: "Kill Something," to the bizarre: "Cry once a day for a half hour." André Salvage and Associates will openly and frankly discuss the issues that young men will face in high school, college and beyond. We will share real tools, skills, and principles that will enable them to navigate through life and deal with the many commonly held fears so often ignored and avoided.


  • Life is difficult, so don't take it personally
  • Trust your intuition
  • Hamlet: Act 1 Scene 3
  • Dealing with rejection
  • Friendship
  • Trust: How to do it and why it is important
  • Finding your purpose
  • Everything is a learning opportunity


The purpose of this lecture is to share with young men healthy alternatives to the way in which they deal with life situations. We will help to break down the barriers that men hide behind and encourage the students to live their life with purpose and strength.  By dispelling the common myths that are a blatant part of our society, this lecture will promote a different way of viewing life and the way young men see themselves in it. 

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