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Teen Awareness ~ Personal and Street Safety for Teens


Being a father of seven children, I am aware of the safety concerns we have while teens are away seeking their independence. We want them to foster their courage, curiosities, and freedom, but there are real dangers and risks that teens need to be aware of without instilling fear or rebellion.   

In a safe and entertaining environment, André Salvage and Associates will share how to be aware, how to be safe while outside of their safe environment, and how to cultivate the internal awareness needed to trust their intuition.

During this lecture, we will discuss the following and more:


External Awareness

  •       How assaults occur
  •       Having a safety plan when going out
  •       Safe practices that can be easily incorporated into daily life
  •       Recognizing safe places and situations as well as dangerous ones
  •       Code words
  •       How predators see you and how they will approach you
  •       Not moving like a victim or a challenge

Internal Awareness

  •       Listening and following your intuition
  •       How your intuition works with you
  •       Knowing the difference between intuition and fear, anger and prejudices

Social Awareness

  •       Being aware of the important and powerful social agreements that are contra to intuition
  •       Choosing between social agreements and intuition
  •       How to follow your intuition over the people, groups, ideas, and agreements we subscribe to

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