Delivering keynotes, workshops, lectures, training and coaching to help people skillfully access courage in the face of conflict.

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 School Programs

André Salvage and Associates offers a variety of programs, lectures, and seminars which provide students and teachers with training in internal and external awareness, assertiveness, and self-defense as well as how to handle stress, harassment, bullying, and the challenges of transitioning to college.  Our school workshops teach skills and tools that improve communication, develop self and mutual awareness, and strengthen student effectiveness and harmony.

The workshops are often delivered as a recurring four-year school program, but can also be delivered as a sequence within a month or as one-time workshops to fit the school curriculum and schedule.  Depending on the topic and objective, audience size can range from all-school assemblies to small groups with role play and hands-on experience.

Sample outlines can be customized and combined.

Some of the schools we work with:

          • The Bay School of San Francisco
          • Bentley School
          • The Branson School
          • Brightworks
          • Castilleja School
          • East Bay School for Boys
          • Jewish Community High School of The Bay
          • Los Altos High School
          • Sonoma Academy
          • Urban School of San Francisco

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