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Women’s Assault Prevention Class

Our next public class is Saturday, January 20.  [Link to Register]

Every woman should take this workshop. I'm in awe of the mastery of André—in the design of the workshop, in the container that he (and the Quincys & other teachers) creates, and of the profound gift to the world that it is. Healing, empowering, amazing. The tools and teaching are practical and effective on many levels. It's an afternoon that could save your life. ~ student testimonial


There are three skills every woman should know in order to defend herself. The first is the awareness to see and recognize that a potential attack is about to occur, as well as having a safety plan to avoid dangerous situations.

The second skill is having the assertiveness to "bring up" and say something about inappropriate behavior to someone who is "testing the water" to see how far they can get with you.

The third skill is the ability to physically stop someone from harming you. These skills are easy to learn and will stay with you for the rest of your life.



During this discussion period, we share how to be safe when at home, on the street, or play. We will also explore the how predators set up their victim and how to create a personal safety plan.   

  • Listening to your intuition
  • Distinguishing between intuition and "the other voices"
  • Social pulls against your intuition
  • Making a safety plan at work, home, and where you walk and play
  • Ways in which an assault occurs


André Salvage and Associates will also share how to properly assert yourself, set boundaries, and educate people on how to treat you.  Through creative and real life role-play, we will share how to use your body and voice to avoid and de-escalate conflicts without appearing like a victim or a challenge.

  • Real life role play to practice assertiveness
  • Learning to set boundaries 
  • Educating people on how to treat you
  • Speaking up when something is wrong
  • Bringing attention to uncomfortable situations (screaming if necessary)
  • Using your voice and body correctly and appropriately

There is no better way to handle confrontation than to not be afraid of confrontation that may arise. André Salvage and Associates will introduce self-defense in a way that not only is effective, but gives you the choice to make the right decision about a particular situation.

  • Standing and ground techniques
  • Grabs
  • Knowing when and when not to use self-defense
  • Free Hand, Free Limb, Vital Area
  • Practiced on heavily padded attackers

Enrollment in this workshop includes one free martial arts class.

Our next public class is Saturday, January 20.  [Link to Register]

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