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Harassment Awareness ~Personal, Sexual, and Cyber Bullying

Harassment and bullying are more prevalent among young people than most adults may realize. The physical, social, emotional, and psychological effects of this behavior are devastating to many young people who internalize this harassment and cause harm to themselves and others.

This lecture is designed to help teens understand, identify, and define all forms of harassment and share with them practical tools to develop options and responses to this behavior.

André Salvage and Associates will present these issues in a safe, non-judgmental way in an effort to help students realize the inappropriateness of this type of behavior and alternatives to these actions.

We will discuss the following:

  • Effects of harassment
  • Recognizing the signs of potential harassment
  • The difference between flirting versus harassment
  • Effective responses to the different forms of bullying and harassment
  • Ways to handle bullying and harassment
  • Educating people on how to treat you  
  • Hearing others' assertive behavior
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