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Teen Stress ~ Managing Techniques for Teens


We all experience stress from time to time. Stress is the body’s way of meeting life changes. With school, home, and self-inflicted pressures that teens have to handle, many find themselves “stressed out” without real coping tools to manage this unhealthy energy.

With an emphasis on listening to one’s intuition and learning to look at life objectively, along with practical de-stressing tools, this lecture is designed to share with teens the tools and life skills to handle the stress in their lives.


  • The difference between Healthy and Unhealthy Stress
  • Survey of coping mechanisms
  • Recognizing Stress Builders  
  • Unhealthy ways to cope with stress
  • Healthy ways to cope with stress
  • The present moment power of “chocolate cake”
  • Focusing on things you can control and letting go of things you cannot control
  • Meditation practice


Each student will come away with specific tools and a better understanding of how to manage the stress in their lives. Presentation handouts available.

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