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Ten Ways to Keep Your Child Safe 


Being a father of seven children, I am aware of the safety concerns that parents have for their children. The fact is that as much as parents would like to be with their children to protect them and help them make the difficult decisions, it is not always possible.

Regardless of your child’s age, this lecture will help you learn the practical skills and tools to keep your children safe. This lecture goes beyond simple do’s and don’ts by focusing on parenting principles that help safety become a part of your child’s behavior rather than instructions they have to remember. We will discuss the following:



  • Be what you want your children to be
  • Intuition
  • They are growing to leave you
  • Benevolent-Tyrant
  • Listen: for the message behind the words
  • Watch: for sudden or drastic changes
  • Communicate: ask the difficult questions
  • Enroll them in programs or activities
  • Know their friends; do not try to pick them
  • Allow a certain amount of “Cool Posing”
  • Teach them to defend themselves
  • Love them



At the conclusion of the lecture, there will be a question-and-answer period designed to provide parents with a forum to discuss some of the difficult issues that they, as parents, face, as well as some of the challenges their children may encounter. We will offer suggestions and share strategies and ideas that parents can easily apply to the raising of their children.   

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