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1-to-1 Coaching

How could your life be different?

    How would your professional and personal life be different if you were not secretly addicted to struggle, fear, and suffering?

    Most struggles are self-made prisons. Then there comes a time when you are ready to release yourself, stop suffering, face your fears and change unhealthy habits.

    Having an additional perspective can help you on this journey to mental insight, spiritual awakening, and physical health.

    One perspective that I offer is to balance and align your connection to:

     Universal Consciousness

     The collective consciousness


     Your Divine Gifts

     Your True Nature


     Your traumas

     Your thoughts and intellect


     Your body’s consciousness

    It is possible to align these connections, so they are in harmony with each other and not working against each other.

    There are also principles, practices, and awareness that can help you to line up and maintain this balance.

    The result?

    • You can live from our True Nature and not your fears.
    • You can allow the past to be a benevolent teacher instead of a tyrannical oppressor.
    • You can thrive instead of just survive.
    • You can celebrate instead of sabotaging yourself.
    • You can Be instead of constantly doing to become something you already are.

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