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Wednesday Talks

Deep-dive discourses that help in your personal and professional life.

André Salvage holds a series of lectures and discussions designed to help you see your greatness and live from your true nature as well as challenge the thoughts, beliefs, agreements, habits, and addictions that work against us.

In September: The True Nature's 9-step Process

Wednesdays, Sept 7 and Sept. 14, a 2-part discussion of the True Nature's Process.

There is a way to process past, future, and present life situations. This 9-step process, for many, has been unconscious, interrupted, and blocked. When this occurs, the by-products of fear, guilt, doubt, and resentment emerge and lead to struggle.

Over 2 one-hour Zoom sessions on September 7 & 14, from 7-8 pm PT, I would like to share and discuss how to move through this process consciously, so that each step is fully realized and integrated into your life.

Here are the 9 steps:

  • Experience
  • Feel
  • Express
  • Understand/ Be Aware
  • Let Go
  • Learn
  • Grow
  • Become
  • Share

Register here for the Zoom link.

I hope to see you there.

Future topics:

Finding Balance after Violence

How to share with children and teens that, although violent situations do occur, there is a way for them to remain safe, be with the feelings, and move through these feelings.


Understanding how they work together and the peace that is derived from this knowledge.

The disconnect and reconnection

How we disconnect from our True Nature and the awareness needed to reconnect.

Feeding your true nature

The life skills and nutrients to strengthen your spiritual, emotional, and physical immune system.

The Traumas and the Issues

What we did to survive and what we can do now.

Life management skills 

Principles, practices, and tools that bring peace to your professional and personal life.

Past Topics, recordings available for purchase:

The Power of Love 

Fear of Facing

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