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Courageous Conversations


I feel difficult conversations are mislabeled and are truly “Courageous.” It takes courage to bring up conversations around money, relevant social issues, critical feedback, promotions, dismissals, and inappropriate workplace behavior. These topics all have their challenges, and there is a way to face these challenges and difficulties with courage, resolution, and connectivity.

This workshop is offered in two formats—either a Leadership or Conflict Resolution focus—  to help participants see the limitations of the habitual, unhealthy, fear-based communications that are often used in our professional lives, causing shutdown, conflicts, and misunderstandings. The workshop can also be designed to share the verbal skills of asserting oneself to set boundaries in a way that does not escalate a situation and to develop the ability to de-escalate, listen, and be present enough to calm the situation down.


Here are some of the topics which can be covered:

Why communication can be challenging

  • The protections we use due to FEAR

Communicating from your true nature

  • Recognizing biases, judgments, and agreements hindering effective communication
  • Facing the fears of communication

The Art of Listening

  • Dadirri
  • Brevity
  • Hearing the message behind the words

Authentic expression

  • Caveats, specificity, and support
  • Accountability, Acknowledging, and Validating

The Art of Letting Go

  • The Power of Vulnerability

This training can be presented as a 1-2 hour lecture or a half-day workshop tailored to fit your specific needs. Contact us at for more information or to schedule a workshop.

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