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Communicating and Staying Connected to our Teens

Staying connected to our children in each stage of their lives is not only desirable but necessary for their growth and safety. As we already know, communication isn't always easy and is compounded by the fact that our children don't always want to communicate with us.

This lecture with André Salvage will explore and share principles, tools, strategies, and insights into the ‘arts of parenting’ like listening without judgment and expressing ourselves honestly. The key and true goal of all communication is to establish and maintain a balanced, healthy connection with our children.


  • Staying Connected to your Teens 
  • The Power of your Intuition 
  • They are Here to Leave You 
  • The Art of Stupid Questions 
  • Ineffective and Harmful Communication
  • The Art of Listening
  • Expressing yourself to your Teens 
  • The Art of Letting Go
  • Parenting Practices that Never Work
  • Being a Benevolent Tyrant

I wish I could tell you that using the tools and skills I have learned from my seven children will make you a perfect or even a pretty good parent. The truth is that it won’t necessarily.  There is no such thing as a perfect parent (or child) and trying to be perfect will basically drive you and your family crazy. The best we can do is to get together, share some basic principles, discuss a few parenting principles that have worked for me (at least one time), and brainstorm how to manage the times when nothing seems to work no matter what we do.  

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