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Not a Bully, Not a Victim ~ Boy's Self-Defense and De-escalation Workshop

There are real dangers on the streets that young boys have to face. Without proper awareness and safety skills, a young boy can be vulnerable to gangs, dangerous adults, and poor judgment. This workshop is designed to provide a safe environment to look at these dangers and share the tools and skills necessary to overcome them.

Bullying is still a big problem in schools. Sometimes it is physical bullying, and other times it is emotional bullying. There is a moment when making fun of each other, pointing out each other’s differences, and challenging each other turns into a painful experience that causes young men to act out in many inappropriate ways. There is a good chance that on some level, your son has been bullied or, even worse, bullied someone else. Young men going into eighth grade or high school will face these issues and this workshop will help them successfully navigate these challenges.

Contrary to popular fears, the majority of children who know how to defend themselves do not use this skill incorrectly, but rather are more likely to use their voice to de-escalate a bad situation. This course is designed to give young boys the tools they need to avoid dangerous situations, to assert themselves, and/or to stop someone from harming them.


Here are the skills that they will learn:


  • Safety at home, school, and where they play (hang out)
  • When making fun of each other turns dangerous
  • Being pulled into dangerous situations
  • Managing Bullies
  • Recognizing dangerous situations


  • Speaking up when something is wrong
  • De-escalating problems
  • How to walk away from a fight without looking fearful


  • Stopping someone their age or older from harming them
  • Stopping adults from harming them
  • Stopping someone from knocking you out
  • Stopping someone from picking up the slender from the floor
  • When and when not to fight
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