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Martial Arts

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Kung Fu San Soo

The Art of Kung Fu San Soo is not a sport—it is a martial art—one I call the original mixed martial art.

With an equal amount of:

      • stand up
      • ground
      • leverages
      • throws
      • kicks and
      • some of the best striking techniques around

this Martial art is designed strictly for personal safety and not to be practiced in the ring.

There is a tremendous amount of peace knowing that you have the

      • intuitive
      • mental
      • emotional
      • spiritual
      • verbal and
      • physical ability to manage any life situation

You don’t have to have any previous training or be in any type of physical shape. Those will manifest as a byproduct of showing up. You won’t feel like the odd person out— there are always beginners and people at your level. What I do ask is that you come with openness and curiosity about yourself. There’s no egotistic competition or comparing or fear-based arrogance—just people of all identities finding life balance.

Come take an introductory class on Saturday. Location and times below.

My name is Master Salvage.

I look forward to working out with you.

 "Sifu André was a great teacher in my eyes compared to other teachers not just because he had information to share, but because he showed me exactly how to make that information mine." 

(Happy Life Martial Arts Podcast, starting at 12:52) 

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