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Effective Communication

Effective communication is the key to any successful business. Whether you work in a for-profit, non-profit, government or education organization, this lecture or workshop will benefit you both professionally and personally.

André Salvage and Associates will share the tools and skills that enable employees to listen and to share their thoughts and feelings with power, effectiveness, and clarity.

This course can be delivered as a 1-2 hour lecture or a half-day workshop tailored to fit your specific needs.

Here are some of the discussion topics:

    • Why communication can be difficult
    • Communicating from your true nature
    • The Art of Listening
    • Recognizing the biases, judgments and agreements that hinder effective communication.
    • Hearing the message behind the words
    • Authentic expression
    • Effective body language
    • Facing the fears of communication

Each participant will have the skills to translate the principles we discuss into a set of practical tools to use at work. Whether resolving conflict or collaborating with colleagues, being able to effectively listen and express yourself are very powerful tools to achieve your goals.

To request André Salvage present this lecture or workshop to your group, company, or organization, please email us at

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