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Huge Mistakes Parents Make and How to Avoid Them

 (Stay connected to your child)

Being a father of seven children, I am aware of parental concerns such as safety, staying connected, and parenting well. As much as we want to do the “right” and healthy thing for our children, we sometimes make mistakes. There is a way to stay connected to our children through all the changes they will go through.

This lecture is designed to share some of the parental tools, anecdotes, and information that will help your children to be safe and you to stay connected and in good communication with them as they grow.

In preparing for this lecture, I asked my children what were some of the things I did that worked and, as importantly, what didn’t work.

In the lecture, I will share their answers and the advice that can help you avoid making huge mistakes as a parent as well as help you keep a strong and healthy relationship with your children.

Here are the topics we will discuss:

  •   Be What You Want Your Children to Be
  •   Never Threaten to Withdraw Love to Control Behavior
  •   They Are Growing to Leave You
  •    Ask Your Children the Scary Question
  •    The Art of Balance
  •    Benevolent-Tyrant
  •    Know Their Friends – Do Not Try to Pick Them
  •    Become a Social Media Expert
  •    Learn the Art of Listening
  •    Parenting Tools that don’t Work

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