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Diversity, Equity, Equality & Inclusion


André Salvage and Associates has developed five DEI implementation modules to address whatever stage of DEI adoption a company may be in, depending on their needs and objectives.  The content is customized—between and among modules—for each client in either workshop or lecture format in a program format that works within your constraints of duration and frequency.

Module 1Defining what diversity, equity, equality, and inclusion mean for your organization

At this stage, André Salvage and Associates can help you define, implement, and structure your program so that it is maintained with accountability and that each dimension of DEI is understood and practiced as part of the workplace culture and individually.

Module 2Creating a Culture of DEI

Assist in creating an atmosphere of safety, communication, and understanding of individuals, cultures, differences, and similarities and using them for business growth.

Module 3Work with the existing DEI team

André Salvage and Associates will work with your existing DEI team to ensure the practices and principles of DEI are understood and implemented to help create a culture where DEI is a natural function of the business instead of an invasive implementation forced upon the employees.

Module 4Training

André Salvage and Associates offers one-time or over-time educational training and lectures on important principles, skills, tools, and practices that either help or hinder the DEI process, including:

    • Communication Workshops
    • Bias Awareness
    • Internal Awareness
    • Power
    • Victims and Predators
    • Othering
    • Internal Inventory
    • Group Inventory
    • Trust
    • Forgiveness
    • Privilege
    • Accountability

Module 5Repair

Some DEI practices (or the lack thereof) have caused harm and reduced communication among employees. André Salvage and Associates has a series of lectures, workshops, and courses that help repair the issues arising from misinformation, misfired implementations, failed or ineffective communications, and poor behaviors.

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