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The Boys Project:

Face your Fears,  Feel your Courage,  Practice Fairness


This engaging, interactive workshop creates a safe environment where boys experience the issues that they are facing or will face in school as well as in life.  Through experiential, group, and individual activities, the boys learn how to face and work through common situations in a way that increases their level of social emotional literacy. Increased social emotional intelligence, especially among boys, has been proven to not only raise academic achievement but also decrease disruptive behavior in the classroom and on campus. 

The socialization process of boys creates pressures to conform that leaves them feeling inadequate to meet the expectations of school, family, and friends. This pressure only increases as boys enter middle and high school.   Our program provides boys (ages 8 to 18) with an opportunity to learn and practice age-appropriate tools that increase their individual sense of self, ability to communicate authentically, and levels of resiliency. All of this translates into making wiser choices for themselves as well as those around them. 

          “I was not afraid to stand up for my friend when he was insulted" ~Sam 4th grader

A guaranteed by-product of this training is also a decrease in mistreatment and bullying between boys. Our kinesthetic activities also teach skills on how to avoid, handle and respond to being intimidated or bullied or being pulled to participate in mistreatment of another student. 

This course is not another “touchy feely,” soften-boys-up class. This course is designed to use the natural energy of boys and young men to help them find their courage, face any fear or obstacle, while practicing fairness with honor. 


The Boys Project creates a space where boys can actually experience these issues, not just talk about them - issues such as being negatively pulled by peers and other influences, feeling fear and facing it with courage, and dealing with situations that are perceived of as unfair.  

This workshop is designed to be two sessions, 3 hours each.  It also includes a 1.5 hour session with teachers and parents, respectively, to ensure integration and continuation. The program can be individually tailored to meet the particular needs of your school in regards to grade level, time and curriculum.  

Some of the activities included are:

  • running blindfolded which allows them to experience, face and move through fear 
  • obstacle course to deal with life challenges by using communication, strategizing, and courage
  • martial Arts or personal safety for boys to deal with conflicts, fear and bullying
  • making a coat of arms that represent their challenges, strengths and dreams 
  • friendship and trust exercises
  • video presentation to recognize role models that pull, influence and/or inspire us 


Students leave having faced their fears, felt their courage, and practiced being fair. This carries over into every aspect of their lives, from school to play to home. We’ve found that when boys have these experiences and are taught these principles and skills, they are more academically engaged and instructional times are maximized. Boys are more likely to work things out with each other in a healthier, less disruptive way.  In the workshop, they get to see each other in ways they don’t normally allow each other to see. This leads to stronger, more positive connections which, in turn, decrease bullying and being pulled in negative ways.  

 “Each time I faced my fear it gets easier” ~ Josh 5th Grader

Another outcome from meeting with both teachers and parents, respectively, is an increased level of understanding and more effective ability to respond to boys and their behaviors, needs and desires.


The project also includes a two hour follow-up to revisit, review and remind students how to continue applying the principals shared. The follow up session also gives the opportunity to get feedback and discuss any challenges and successes based on what the students learned. 

Master André Salvage of André Salvage and Associates offers a variety of programs, lectures, and seminars that provide corporations, schools, and individuals with the opportunity to experience the power it takes to move through fear and face underlying issues which then allows the ability to move through business, school, and life more successfully. 

Whether you are concerned about personal safety, improving communication skills or resolving conflict, André Salvage and Associates provides a safe place to examine these negative issues and share the tools that promote confidencepower, and life   

André has worked with Kaiser Permanente, Visa International, Fireman’s Fund, Oakland Unified School District, Head Start, YMCA San Francisco, and many Bay Area schools.   As a father of seven grown children, André brings a wealth of life knowledge to everything he does.


Dr. Jon Herzenberg has worked in numerous settings in the Bay Area; including upper and lower schools, clinics, hospitals and private settings. He is currently the High School Principal at the American School in Japan,  and was previously the Associate Head of School at Drew School in San Francisco for six years. He was a doctoral student at the prestigious Mental Research Institute located in Palo Alto. His doctoral dissertation on boys, youth violence, and communal responses was honored. He recently completed the National Association of Independent Schools fellowship for Aspiring Heads. In addition to his professional background, Dr. Herzenberg believes in the power of lived experience. Therefore, Dr. Herzenberg appropriately incorporates his experiences as a third degree black belt in Kung Fu San Soo, NCAA collegiate soccer player and high school coach, world traveler, avid gardener, son, brother, husband, and father.






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