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De-escalation & Conflict Resolution


The ability to de-escalate a potential conflict is an essential skill for every person. This workshop is designed to share the verbal skills of asserting oneself to set boundaries in a way that does not escalate a situation and to develop the ability to de-escalate, listen, and be present enough to calm the situation down.

In a safe environment, we will guide you through mock confrontational exercises which will strengthen your assertive ability and provide insights into the issues that hinder successful communication.


The ability to de-escalate problem situations is like a muscle that needs exercising. Through real life role-play, we will practice hearing others objectively, asserting ourselves effectively, decreasing the potential for violence, and controlling the situation so you and others are not harmed.  

The workshop includes role plays, discussion, and lecture on the following topics:

  • Recognizing potential problems
  • Objectively viewing problem situations
  • Leaving your Ego out of the situation
  • The art of breathing
  • Calming and controlling body posturing
  • Not taking this event personally
  • Listening to the message behind the words and behavior
  • Safely approaching conflicts
  • Role playing on how to handle aggressive behavior
  • De‑escalating a problem


The main goal of this workshop is to show individuals how to manage their own internal anxiety and have the verbal skills to calm and de-escalate a situation before or while it is happening.

This training can be presented as a 1-2 hour lecture or a half-day workshop tailored to fit your specific needs. Contact us at for more information or to schedule a workshop.

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