Delivering keynotes, workshops, lectures and training to help people skillfully access courage in the face of conflict.

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Personal Safety Workshops

André Salvage and Associates offers a variety of programs, lectures, and seminars in San Francisco, Marin, and the Bay Area which provide corporations, schools, and individuals with training in self-awareness, conflict resolution, personal and group development, and communication. André’s professional development and school workshops teach skills and tools that improve communication, develop self and mutual awareness, and strengthen team effectiveness and harmony – all of which leads to higher performance and organizational goal achievement.

Unlike many trainings, our team facilitates in a unique way that allows participants to experience the power it takes to move through the mind mechanisms, habits, and fears that prevent peace of mind and healthy relating.  

Course outlines can be modified for your group's age and gender mix (Mom/Daughter, Family, Business team)





Keese Coaching and Consulting

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