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Meditation and Nature Walk

At one time meditation was this difficult thing that some people did for reasons that were unclear. It seemed to be a measuring rod for awareness. The more you did it, the more enlightened you were. When we first try to meditate, we often judge ourselves as unenlightened and unable to do it well. We think, “How in the heck am I supposed to let go of all my thoughts, listen to my breath, keep my spine straight, have the right mantra, just observe but not get caught in my thoughts - and I’m supposed to do this for at least 20 minutes, two times a day???”   

For many, whether new or experienced, this can be challenging.

There is good news though. Meditation doesn’t have to be that difficult and anyone can do it. Meditation is just a practice, like a sport, done to help you reconnect to your true nature and be present in your life activities. If you would like to find that stillness that is an inherent part of us all and reach that “no mind” state that the “experts” say is essential for true peace, come on one of our nature and meditation walks. 

Nature offers a gentle and natural way to find the stillness that is in everyone. We will walk along a nearby creek, find a beautiful place to lead you through a guided meditation that is designed to ease, relax and rejuvenate all parts of you.

We will also practice the law of giving and receiving by asking permission from nature to be there and offering appreciation and gratitude in return.

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