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André Salvage has a variety of  lectures for Adults, Children, Parents, Teachers, and the General Public. These lectures are insightful, entertaining and informal.  Topics can be customized for your audience or group.  Past topics have included:

The Art of Listening  Being in the moment while listening. Listening without waiting to take your turn. Listening to the message behind people’s words and appreciating the different styles of communication is an art form that will be discussed in this lecture. 

Diversity, Inclusion and Representation in the Workplace  Many companies desire to have both a conversation and a workplace that foster diversity. But without real inclusion and representation, there still is an elitist quality that suggests diversity is just a word without a real pathway to the “top.” André Salvage and Associates offers a workshop that shares how to maintain a series of command while having real opportunity for inclusion and everyone being represented. (Ideally, this would be multiple sessions or a longer workshop).

A history lesson about race—How we all have been set up to fail  This lecture and discussion is an interactive journey back to where and why the lie race was created. It will allow students to see the correlations and patterns that still exist today, the efforts made to stop racism, and the backlash and conscious efforts to continue separation, dehumanization, and supremacy in the maintaining of power. This lecture will explore the intersectionlity of all people and how and what we can do to manifest anti-racist behaviors and policies and not let history repeat itself. (Ideally, this would be multiple sessions or a longer workshop).

Personal Safety; Preventing an Assault  There are three skills everyone should know to protect themselves: awareness, assertiveness, and hands-on training. This lecture takes you step-by-step and shares how to use these skills for your personal safety.

The Power and Peace of being Assertive  We all have been in situations where we want to or even need to speak up and say how we feel.... but we don't. This interactive lecture will share the principles of assertiveness and how to speak up to stop inappropriate behaviors.

Talking to your Children about Race  Studies have shown that by the age of three children are aware of the different skin colors. Depending on the child, between the ages of four and six they are also aware that one skin color is better than the other. We have all been affected by this lie of race and our children, if we are not careful, can become collateral damage. This lecture offers tools, antidotes, and ideas to share with parents on how they can help their children understand the violence that they see, why people are treated differently, and what parents can do to ease some the anxiety that children are experiencing at this time. (Ideally, this would be multiple sessions or a longer workshop).

How Parents can keep their Children Safe   (Staying Connected)  There are parenting principles, tools, and skills that parents can use at each stage of a child's development to help keep them safe. The key is to stay connected. Being a father of seven children, I have used these skills with great success and disastrous outcomes. This lecture is designed to share what works and what does not work.

Working and Living from your True Nature   (Mindfulness Practices)  There is a way to live, work, and play from your True Nature and not from your Ego's fears. Power, curiosity and courage are the ways of our True Nature which is more powerful than our issue based Ego. This lecture shares way to access and feed the True Nature so it becomes the primary way you live this life. 

What it Really Means to be a Warrior   Many martial artists, as well as those who do not practice martial arts, have a hard time justifying or understanding the violence. Like all professions and recreations, there is a balance that must be maintained. This lectures shares how to keep that balance and see the meaning behind the fight.

College Safety (for parents and high school seniors)   Regardless of the high statistics, there is a way to have a safe and wonderful first year of college. This lecture will share practical tools and skills necessary for both young women and young men to have a safe college experience.  

Traps of Manhood   There are certain social constructs that say overtly or covertly "this is how to be a man." Some of these ideals work and some don't, and certainly not for everyone. This lectures explores these constructs and helps male teens find their way to manhood.

Reducing the Stress in Life...for Teens and Adults   Stress sucks....With an emphasis on listening to one’s intuition and learning to look at life objectively, along with practical de-stressing tools, this lecture is designed to share with teens and adults the tools and life skills to handle the stress in their lives.

Meditation: The Latest Recreational Drug   If you have ever heard someone say or have thought to yourself "you are not meditating correctly" this lecture is for you. Meditation is not a measurement tool for enlightenment. This lecture will share information about meditation so you don't feel the pressure to "do it right."

Entitled-enlightenment: Is this Enlightenment or Prestige?   Meditate "this" way, travel to India, hang out with a well-known guru, eat the "right" food, find a community that continuously measures your status and you will reach enlightenment. This lecture will share how you can be at peace even if you can't afford to do all of these things.





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