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Kung Fu San Soo

 Sifu André was a great teacher in my eyes compared to other teachers not just because he had information to share, but because he showed me exactly how to make that information mine.

There are many forms of Martial Arts but none match the balanced power and fluidity of Kung Fu San Soo. 

Kung Fu San Soo is a fighting art, not a sport. The skills taught consist of a balanced combination of punches, kicks, leverages, throws, forms, takedowns, ground fighting and weapons.

San Soo techniques are easy to learn, can be changed to suit any situation, and need not follow a set pattern. This is important when dealing with the reality and uncertainty of a street altercation.

Experienced fighters know you can't do “Lesson Number 3” on the street.

At first glance, San Soo fighters appear to be responding to the attack (defending), but they are actually attacking the opponent with blocks, kicks, punches, throws, etc. This idea of being offensive in the process of defending is important in street fighting.

"I know what it is like to fight on the street, and I learned that the unpredictability of what happens is magically dissipated by the movements of Kung Fu San Soo."  ~Master Salvage

“One’s life should not be lived preparing for violence.”

The physical balance learned in San Soo equals the internal balance experienced in this type of training. Those who have participated in this training have developed a peace, courage, and stillness that have helped them in every aspect of their lives.

Through meditation, self-awareness, and breathing, students are rediscovering that there is more to life than suffering, struggle and a series of good and bad things happening to them.  With André Salvage and Associates, come and learn how to take the traumas of life and turn them into opportunities, learn how to move through your fears, face confrontation, and ultimately transform threatening situations into safe ones.

See if this art is for you with a complimentary class. 

Email to schedule a Wednesday or Saturday visit. Class times below.

André Salvage is a Master in Kung Fu San Soo, with senior ranking in three other styles, and has been teaching since 1974.  He offers instruction to affiliate studio owners all over the country and classes four times a week for all levels at his studio at the Presidio YMCA in San Francisco.





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