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Business Development

André Salvage and Associates was founded in 1979 in order to teach men, women and children the skills of personal development, safety and abundant living. This nationally acclaimed program began in a small Martial Arts Studio where Master André Salvage would teach his students the principles and skills of safety, peace of mind, courage, abundance, love and confidence. 

Soon corporations, schools, and individual groups were inquiring about these life-changing seminars and requesting Master Salvage to design courses and deliver motivational speeches that would benefit their specific need. Now Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and non-profit corporations, as well as neighborhood schools and individuals, use these programs to enhance all aspects of their lives.

Our programs were developed with a highly trained team of professionals who have Master's Degrees in the fields of Psychology, Business, Education, and Martial Arts. André Salvage and Associates goes beyond the traditional methods of teaching a set of skills and hoping that they can be used. These courses are all designed to help participants see the limitation of the habitual, unhealthy, fear-based behaviors that the ego uses to handle our life experiences. Then, in a safe environment, we share how to allow the True Nature, which is confident, wise, loving and powerful, be the primary way we live our lives. This is done through a variety of lectures, workshops and seminars.



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