Business Safety and Emergency Protocol Assessments

Neighborhood, foot traffic and loiterers, building design and client profiles all influence the specific strengths and weaknesses each business has regarding employee safety. André Salvage and Associates has a division which provides business safety and emergency event assessments with actionable recommendations, resulting in improved safety and peace of mind for your staff.

We assess your safety needs by sending a highly trained representative to your location, during different hours of the day and evening, to survey the workplace and surrounds for areas of potential danger and threats. We assess the personal safety needs of your staff and make recommendations to address training gaps, safety protocols, and physical requirements.

After consolidating and evaluating the findings, we provide a detailed written report to your managerial staff with specific, prioritized  recommendations to implement, and participate in reviews with some or all staff as desired. This objective, professional assessment of your current environment and safety procedures allows you to know  your strengths and evaluate the areas that may need improvement.

For additional information and a custom quote, please contact us: team@andresalvage.com.

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