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Master André Salvage

Master André Salvage is a business consultant, motivational speaker, live performer, and teacher who specializes in teaching men, women, and children the skills of communication, personal development, safety, and living according to your True Nature. Offering business training; professional development workshops; school workshops for staff, students and parents; self defense classes; live performances; lectures and Kung Fu San Soo training, Master Salvage has helped thousands of organizations and individuals all over the United States.

Born in the crime-ridden neighborhood of South Central Los Angeles, Master Salvage successfully moved beyond becoming a product of his environment. He combined the practical knowledge and survival savvy of a former street fighter with the deep understanding and wisdom of a compassionate teacher. Mr. Salvage’s background, natural ability, sensitivity, and talent to see and hear the messages behind people’s words, egos, and defenses has helped him create effective, easy-to-learn self-improvement and safety programs for people of all ages. In a safe environment, he challenges people to look past their fears and issues and offers practical alternatives to these habits. Whether one is concerned about their relationship, struggles at the office, or personal safety issues, André Salvage has the insight and skills to help people overcome and thrive.

In 1979 Master Salvage began teaching students the principles and skills of safety, peace of mind, courage, abundance, love, and confidence in a small Martial Arts studio. Soon after, he began to reach out to his community, schools, and businesses and began to share how these principles can work for personal growth, professional stability, and relationship building.

Now, André Salvage and Associates is a nationally acclaimed company that provides a variety of classes and live performances. André Salvage and Associates has helped thousands of people learn the skills necessary for an abundant life. Corporations, nonprofits and government agencies use André Salvage and Associates programs to train their employees in communication, assertiveness, de-escalation and conflict resolution, diversity and inclusion, self-worth, and stress reduction. In addition, for more than 30 years, André Salvage and Associates has also worked with a wide range of children, from kindergarten to high school seniors, on safety; anti-bullying; assertiveness; harassment, respect and inclusion; self-esteem; and self-defense.



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