Delivering keynotes, workshops, lectures and training to help people skillfully access courage in the face of conflict.

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About Us

Salvage and Associates
was founded with the vision of helping people achieve personal safety by accessing courage in the face of conflict. This is only achieved by responding, moving and living from our true nature and not our Ego.  Over the past 30 years, our work has matured into three divisions:

Our team of experts, averaging 20 years' experience, works with individuals, corporations, schools, security teams, non-profits, and government organizations.

  • The Personal Safety and Martial Arts Division offers courses to increase confidence and fearlessness, such as Assault Prevention, Teen or Child Safety, and Kung Fu San Soo. Courses are both open to the public and privately organized.  We are also a trusted partner for many high schools who engage us for custom lectures and workshops from student entry (anti-bullying, assertiveness) to exit (traps of manhood, college safety).
  • The Professional Development Division delivers skills training that sticks to business, nonprofit, and government teams. Focus areas are fearless expression, de-escalation and assertiveness training, verbal and physical conflict resolution, compassionate listening with boundary enforcement, bias and harassment, and self-care and mindfulness training.
  • With Community Outreach, we work through schools and the justice system with teens and adults, using diversity training, mentorships, lectures and performances to teach how to make new agreements with old traumas in order to live authentically, and without irrational fear, from one’s true nature.  

        André Salvage and Associates is one organization with a vision of living life with courage from your authentic, true nature, and three divisions to deliver that message in a way tailored to each client base.

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