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Conflict Resolution Workshop

This course is designed for men and women in a business environment to develop the skills to resolve conflicts that arise between managers, co-workers, clients, strangers, close friends and themselves. There are many variables within the workforce that have the potential for conflicts: multi-culture and -gender employees, the drive to succeed, making deadlines, and an emphasis on being politically and socially correct.

André Salvage and Associates offers an experience that goes beyond the typical conflict resolution and de-escalation classes which give you a general set of tools that do not necessarily apply to your specific conflict drivers.  By meeting with individual clients to review their unique challenges and situations, we are able to understand the conflict dynamics that occur within your company and design a custom workshop with role-plays specifically tailored to the issues that need addressing in your environment.

This interactive workshop will bring new awareness to the issues that cause conflicts, improve communication skills, and teach effective assertiveness tools to resolve the struggle while achieving a win-win outcome.

This course can be presented as a 1 hour lecture or a half-day workshop tailored to fit your specific needs. Contact us at for more information or to schedule a workshop.





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